2005 Arol, Siapi, Alcaimpianti

2005 Arol, Siapi, Alcaimpianti

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The line is structured to permit the production of 5.0 L and 10.0 L PET bottles.

Approximate capacity: 750 BPH on 5lt and 450 BPH – PET Containers

The line is composed by the following machines:

• Pre-forms orienter and tran sport to the pre-heating tunnel of the Blow Molder

• Two cavitoes SIAPI Blow Molder. The line has 3 molds currently available (5lt, 10lt and another mold)

• Conveyors to the filling station with perimetral protection/saftey

• ENDRESS&HEURSER six valves filling station, with electronic control. The filling station has perimetral safety and all the station is encased and controlled with EPA filters

• AROL EAGLE ELEVMECC-AR1 caps elevator

• AROL EAGLE two heads capper. For flat and pressure caps. Double hopper and double caps descent guide • TWIN PACK UNICLIP 2000/L hanldes applier and handles feeder MASTER, including hopper

• Labeler for self-adhesive labels

• SIPA battery of filters for mechanical water treatment prior to filling process

• The space with still not capped bottles is protected by perimetral encasing AISI 304 stainless steel and  unbreakable Plexiglas. Furthermore there is an internal system to avoid water contamination by the surrounding air.

• The electronics and control panels are Siemens S7

• Included is a machine for the placing of collars

• SERRA Palletizer


ManufacturerArol, Siapi, Alcaimpianti