The Company

B est Used Machines is your intermediary in used machines, lines and plants in all sectors and aspects of food and beverage. Best Used Machines is amongst a few companies worldwide offering complete production lines. Best Used Machines mediates worldwide between seller and buyer to satisfy both ends of the line. Our communication and mediating skills are at your service. Our first policy is “exchange point four” meaning that we are taking care well beyond what is the simple negotiation aspects as, where requested by the buyer, we can provide also engineering suggestion, handle the dismantling, assembly, logistics, machinery overhauls, a 360 degrees service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to match the demands of who’s selling and who’s purchasing guaranteeing both ends of the line with maximum results

Our Motto

"I will either find a way or make one”

W e operate in all sides of the globe and its continents. Best Used Machines knows how to move in the world of the so called second hand, used or previously owned food and beverage machines. We first select the machines we offer, so that we know they are in good state. We check the price requested is adequate so that it can match economically the demand from the buyer. Eventually, what is being offered by Best Used Machines is the best quality for the best price. We work with the best brands in the world of used beverage machineries such as

Krones, SACMI, SIDEL, KHS, Tetrapak and more to cover all aspects of bottling of water, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, milk and its derivates, beer in bottles or cans, wine and more. We work also with the best brands in the world of used food machinery such as Buhler, Pavan, FAVA, Braibanti, Canol, Mecatherm, Polin, Konig, Rademaker, Fritsch and many others and cover all sectors of pasta, bakery, breads, biscuits, cakes production and much more. In short, we know all the ins and outs to service to the best of our abilities.

- Massimiliano Speri - CEO of Best Used Machines