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Automated silo plant for raw materials TECHNOSILOS, 2001.


5 HTP (polyester) silos with scales, silo capacity (30.000 kg)

Stainless steel silo for manual filling (ground pasta or other raw material)

2 HTP daily silo with level sensors

2 micro dosing units

Control cabinet (Siemens S7-300)

Fully automatic mode of operation, without the need to hire an operator


Short pasta production line PAVAN, 1997.


Capacity: 300-350 kg/h, depending on the product

Dosing and press

Cutting unit

Shaker and pre-drying


Storage silo 3x (enables the production of three-color pasta, i.e. up to 8 hours of product storage)

Printing machine LANDUCCI (stamped shapes: farfalle, conchiglie...)

All spare parts belonging to the machine


Auxiliary plants for the short-cut pasta line, 2008.


Washing machine Landucci 2001CL

Hydraulic table for lifting paint

Stainless steel mold storage unit

Soaking tub

Vacuum pumps 3x

Plant for dosing and mixing water

Plant for recirculation and cooling of technical water

(cold water is used to cool the cylinder and vacuum pump)

Mill for grinding waste 2x


Molds: Conchiglie, Farfalle (large, medium, small), Tufoli, Stars, Letters, Penne rigate, Maccheroni, Rings, Fidellini, Small fusili, Fusili, Maccheroni rigati, Horns Maccheroni large, Tarana, Maccheroni small, Noodles 10%, Rice noodles, Hats, Snails, Rigatoni, Sea animals, Domestic animals, Sports, Pennette, ...

(all Landucci moulds)…….over 30 pcs



Packers of short pasta are MARTINI for 500 and 1000 gr bags and SYRMA in combination with automatic robot and foiler for industrial packages of 5-25 kg.


MARTINI packer for short pasta

year 2014, for retail packaging with module for opening/closing the label

Formats: 250g, 350g, 400g, 500g, 1000g

Possible packages:

-double square bottom that can be close again

-bag with flat bottom

-bag as pillow

Maximum capacity 50 packages/min

Metal detector

Control scale


Rotating table

Additional tubes for bag width formats - 3 pcs


Automatic packaging line for short pasta ITALMECCANICA, 2014.


SYRMA VL packing machine for bags weighing 5-10-15-20 kg

Capacity 300 bags/h

Metal detector

Automatic palletizing robot MAN 300R

Foil wrapping machine ROTOPLAT 3000


PAVAN packaging machine, year 1985 for packaging long pasta


Capacity 250 kg/h


Landucci stamping machine: stamper for shapes - butterflies, shells....

Raw material for processing: durum-hard wheat, but the line tolerates regular flour as well.

Dimensions of the equipment and required hall: 45x6 m……height approx. 7 m

Required energy: electricity and steam from the boiler plant

Required installed power: 70 kW

1 operator works on the line

There are also spare parts

Technical documentation


ManufacturerPavan, Martini, Italmeccanica