Used Sidel Aseptic Water Filling Line


Used Sidel Aseptic Water Filling Line

Clearwater, FL


The machine is intended for the decontamination of capsules and bottles, the filling of the bottles and the aseptic heat sealing of the bottles. Its principle of operation is as follows: preparation of sterilization fluids and sterile water, decontamination of the bottles with a sterilizer (APA), sterile water rinsing of the bottles, bottle filling by a flow-controlled, aseptic process, capsule distribution, decontamination of the capsules with a sterilizer. Sterile water rinsing of the capsules, capping the capsules onto the bottles. Transfer of filled and capped bottles into the non sterile zone, placement of bottles on a conveyor, bottles rinsing, printing of packaging data or error codes on the bottle, routing of off-specification bottles or bottles with an error code to a sampling table.


Working hours/capacity30.000 bph