Complete line for fresh french croissant and brioche


Complete line for fresh french croissant and brioche


Capacity 27.000 pieces per hour/ 23 trays per minute.

Product weight 30 and 65 grams, filled and unfilled croissants.

Manufacturing years up to 2011.

Still in production.

2x SanCassiano mixers, SE 300, 4 bowls, Kemper bowl lifter

Trivi dough divider, infeed belt, extruder, butter pump, folding unit

2xRheon Laminator 301

2x Rheon stretcher 317

2x Rheon flour sweeper 371, lamination by swinging motion

Infeed belt to cooling/resting, 5 decks/levels (forced cooling, with isolated enclosure, with cooling equipment, discharge conveyor)

Trivi retracting belt, flour duster, multiroller, 2x calibrator head with 2 rolls each, longitudinal cutting, flour duster, brush, croissant moulder by rotary cutter, triangle positioning, croissant loading on trays

Simer step proofer, with early discharge option

Simer tunnel oven with coarse wire mesh belt, gas heated

Ambient cooling system with ventilators

Tray buffer system, with continous tray transport

Alimec filling depositor, needle injector, depositing weight 6-20 gram

Needle depanner

Tray transport to tray buffer system, tray brush cleaning and tray washing machine

Transport to packaging with 3 lanes

2x horizontal Techno-Pack FPO 80 flow-packers with data printer and metal detector

1x Rovema vertical packaging unit with incline conveyor, counter and bag packer


ManufacturerSan Cassiano, Trivi, Rheon, Simer, Alimec, Rovema