Mecatherm French-style frozen pre-baked bread line

Mecatherm French-style frozen pre-baked bread line

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Plant for the production of French-style frozen pre-baked bread (baguettes, demi baguettes, panini, etc.).

It has a maximum theoretical hourly capacity of 840kg/h – 950kg/h of finished product

The system consists of:

N° 1 VMI automatic mixing station composed of two single spiral mixers with built-in elevator on each mixer, capacity 120kg/dough

N° 1 dough portioning hopper with transport belt towards the divider complete with mezzanine for maintenance activities

N° 1 divider Mecatherm HD-1  

Speed: min 1200 p/h - max 2500 p/h, Weight: min 180 g - max 900 g

N° 1 Moulding machine Mecatherm type Group TC for moulding the pieces of dough until loading it into the trays

N° 1 Proofer Mecatherm composed of 10 columns for transferring trays (able to accommodate 780 trays in total), sandwich panels and air treatment CTA with air distribution ducts. 

Proofing time 18 min – 187 min

Temperature: 20°C  -  28°C

Humidity from: 70% - 80%

N° 1 oven Mecatherm type AC 140002  composed with 3 modules ( 84 trays) temperature max 200 – 210°C

Baking time 11 min – 20 min   It depends on the speed of the system

N° 1 cooler Mecatherm type SB14002 composed of two columns ( 104 trays)

N° 1 freezer Mecatherm composed of 5 columns ( 210 trays), 4 batteries for ammonia

N°1 Depanner Mecatherm to remove the frozen product from the trays

Conveyors trays Mecatherm: from the trays loading area to the proofer, from proofer to the oven, from the oven to the cooler, from the cooler to the freezer, from the freezer to the depanner, from the depanner to the tray washer, from the tray washer to the tray loading area.

N°1 Tray washer Colussi for washing and drying trays directly during the production cycle

N°1 conveyor to transfer the frozen bread from the depanner to the metal tetector

N°1 Metal detector Ceia 

N1 conveyor from the metal detector to the loading into the boxes

N°1 Case erector for forming boxes

N°1 conveyor boxes from case erector to the check weigher

N°1 conveyor boxes from the check weigher to the box closing machine

N°1 boxes closing machine Siat XL33

N°1 packaging vertical machine mod. VT400SP